From plain concrete, colour or decorative patterned concrete such as stamp and stencil, choose from numerous textures, colours and pattern combinations to get the look and feel you like.

  • Stamped

  • Stencil

  • Custom design

  • Textured 

  • Coloured

  • Colour-thru

  • Symbols and emblems

  • Resurfaced spray-on driveways

  • Plain concrete

  • Concrete driveway revival

Stamped concrete combines the low maintenance and strength qualities of concrete with the resemblance of traditional building materials such as pavers, brick, slate, tile, wood and stone (flagstone, sandstone, cobble).

The beauty of stamp is the use of a secondary colour on top of the base colour. The accent colour highlights the texture of the pattern and makes your concrete area blend in with its surrounds. 

stamp concrete
concrete colours

Stencil concrete overcomes the drawbacks of other paving methods such as weed growth and surface movements. Stencil concrete has a very defined mortar joint, which allows you to replicate classic or contemporary brick, stone or tile patterns.

concrete stencil
concrete colour

**The colours on the colour charts are as close as possible to the on site finished product. Variations may occur due to the nature of the product with varying job conditions, associated materials used in conjunction with the products and finishing practises used. However the concrete has been specifically formulated for use in decorative concrete with long lasting colours and durability.